The best way to run health clinics

"The vaccinees were universally beaming with their rapid appointment improved by the eHealth Scheduling appointment. I use the mass email feature of eHealth Scheduling to send surveys to all the participants."

Dr. Greg O'Keefe

Director of Public Health

Herkimer County NY

How It Works

The following is the core concept behind the scheduling process for any version of eHealth Scheduling.


Admins easily and quickly setup clinics and/or events.

  • Clinics / events can be setup in under a minute.
  • Custom screening questions can be used to gather information and/or restrict who can attend.
  • Time slots allow for a single person or multiple people to arrive during a specific time period (example 10:00 am to 10:15am)
  • Time slot length in minutes can be customized to each clinic.
  • Activation immediately allows site visitors and admins to schedule appointments. A clinic / event can be activated or inactivated by the admin with the click of a button.


Admins can make the clinic / event public (viewable to all on the website) or private (viewable only to those with a specific link).

  • Private links are easy to forward to those who should receive it.
  • Multiple clinics / events can be listed on one private link.
  • Private links are great for groups of people like individual businesses, agencies, or organizations.


Visitors go to the website and register (first time visitors complete a short one time only registration form) or login to make appointments.

  • New users fill out a simple form and use their email address as an easy to remember login name.
  • Forgot password feature for those that can't remember what they used.
  • Update information view upon login when a visitor hasn't logged in over 6 months.
  • Email verification step available on web site or no verification option with kiosk version.


Visitors view available clinics / events and make an appointment(s).

  • Clinics / events can appear under different calendars to make it easier for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Appointments can also be canceled or rescheduled through the login.


Visitors can easily add and schedule all family members.

  • Under a single login account, the visitor can schedule all family members' appointments.
  • Adding new family members takes seconds.


Visitors receive email and/or cell text appointment confirmation with complete appointment details.

  • Cell texts are optional for visitors.
  • Complete appointment details including date, time, location, a directions link, confirmation number, and other appointment details are included in the email.
  • Confirmations are sent immediately.


Visitors receive email and/or cell text appointment reminders with complete appointment details.

  • Complete appointment details including date, time, location, a directions link, confirmation number, and other appointment details are included in the email. Custom text can be added to any email to give additional information.


Admins have ability to schedule and change appointments and/or visitor details through the admin panel.

  • Only authorized administrators have the ability to do these changes.
  • The admin panel is easy to use and has advanced search capabilities.


Staff receives reminder email of the clinic / event.

  • This is an option if you choose to use it.


Staff can print reports of clinic attendance.

  • Multiple reports are available for clinic / event management.


Staff can view all individuals' answers to pre-screening questions, take attendance, and comment on the actual appointment result.

  • At the day of the clinic / event, staff can: track who came, review screening question answers with the appointment holder, and add comments for future documentation.
  • This feature decreases or eliminates the need for paperwork at the appointment.


Visitors can view history of their past appointments.

  • As a benefit to the appointment holder (visitor), they can review their past appointments.




How do you rate your registration experience using eHealth?
Good: 2.6%
Average: 3.9%
Poor: 0%
Post Clinic Survey Results
Conducted by Herkimer
County DOH 11/17/2010