The best way to run health clinics

"Your efforts have and will make a huge difference in the future for the counties when scheduling and providing vaccinations."

Matthew D.

NYS DOH - Public Health

Emergency Preparedness


eHealth Scheduling has been a trusted resource for clinic and event appointment scheduling since 2005.  With eHealth Scheduling, you can:

  1. Have your own website where:
    • visitors can view upcoming health clinics and schedule their own appointments.
    • visitors register once to enable them to manage their own information and appointments.
    • important information can be posted by your organization administrators.
  2. manage health clinic details through online software that allows your employees to:
    • set up and manage health clinics of all types including flu, wellness, pneumonia, rabies, and many others.
    • create custom screening questions to gather information and restrict who can attend the clinics.
    • limit registrants to a pre-determined number of appointments in a season (for example: 1 flu shot per season).
    • take attendance for clinics.
    • create private clinics so that only those who have been sent a private link can sign up.
    • view reports that will help determine staffing needs
    • communicate essential information with registrants


How do you rate your registration experience using eHealth?
Good: 2.6%
Average: 3.9%
Poor: 0%
Post Clinic Survey Results
Conducted by Herkimer
County DOH 11/17/2010